Capstone Portfolio Project 2015


The objective of this project is to effectively present work, experience, and skills from my portfolio to demonstrate a clear understanding of subject matter/ how to navigate presentation methods. Hence I created a “Digital Magazine” copy on subject “Indian Weddings” which portrays my skills outlined below.

Description & Objectives Achieved:

Writing Skills

  • Introduction to the topic through writing skills.
  • Article about ‘The Indian weddings
  • Researched well and read articles, exploration helped me gain the exact content.
  • Images used for this skill set belong to my portfolio.

Trend Forecasting

  • Forecasted the recent Lakme Fashion Week 2015.
  • Considered all the trends for wedding dresses & accessories.
  • Learned in detail about trend forecasting in sem1 course TREND FORECASTING & COLOR THEORY.
  • Images used for this skill set are of lakme fashion week 2015 show, from Google.
  • Have mentioned other designer’s collection details to justify my forecasting.


  • Entire data includes my work portfolio as a stylist.
  • Work focused on is majorly relevant to the topic & best of my work.
  • Captions are given for the pictures and trivial details about the shoot when & where it took place
  • Images include the main picture of the shoot and some behind the scenes.


  • To add this skill set for a stylist & blogger oriented portfolio, has a particular perspective, which is I peruse a personality who loves camera both the ways and easy to connect for others. People outside the industry connect with me; as they see my work on an open scale.
  • Helped me understand both the tasks on the sets, and made me a better artist.
  • Images used are relevant to the main topic. So that in future can use my own pictures, or can get clicked myself as a reference shot.

Henna Art / Mehendi Design

  • Henna plays more prominent role at the Indian Weddings, despite with various cultures and religions. Every weddings has a henna function. And there tons of examples of different patterns.
  • 3 Images of henna drawn be me. With little information
  • Little history why henna is applied in the wedding/ bride’s hand.

Invite Card

  • This includes invite cards made by me. Scanned copies of 2 cards.
  • Small editorial call out regarding the invitees and how it’s just not one card, but entire itinerary of the wedding and other ceremonies.
  • Keeping in mind the specific ceremony and theme for the wedding, colors and pattern were chosen accordingly.

Drawing & Illustrations

  • Illustrations drawn with sharpie and black pen, without using pencil or eraser
  • Images depict my theme for the portfolio
  • Idea behind: help me to draw an illustration, can promote and present my blog.
  • Don’t want to use Google images for my blog content or reference shot, illustrations can be more creative and quirky.
  • This course helped to get the correct hand on illustration

Design & concept

  • Included assignments done in the course, relevant to the topic
  • Explained with caption, how they can be used with “weddings” or post “weddings”.
  • While completing these assignments, I achieved and could extend my calibre. Hard up my limits and exceeded.
  • Cover Page - Capstone Portfolio Project - 2015
    Cover Page (Front)
  • Capstone Portfolio Project - 2015 - Page 1 - QTH
    Capstone Portfolio Project - 2015 - Page 1 - QTH
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*All images used in this entire portfolio belong to my own work/collection portfolio. Except for trend forecasting images, taken from Google.

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