When we talk about fashion, lot of things have been thought and said about women. Fashion and women have perpetual association. This industry covers sub industries, such as menswear, women’s wear and sportswear. Somehow menswear does not gain a lot of limelight as compared to women’s wear. Since ages it’s been subtle stereotyped and dull. Why so? Men complain that variety is not served to them or it’s expensive. Honestly my concern is not being expensive but being inexpressive. Whom to blame? Designers, brands or the buyer, who is more skeptical about experimenting.

I interviewed my male friends about their take on men’s clothing:

To answer this question, I asked my male friends about their clothing choices and their approach towards fashion or what it means to them. A lot of common answers helped me diagnose various issues. Their choice of clothes are less of “what they like” but more of what “others will like”. They are more anxious of looking absurd or obnoxious, hence avoid experimenting. Social pressure has huge impact, that men try more to look masculine through their clothing. Avoiding flamboyant prints, motifs and colours to not make it look feminine or vivacious. However, that is not true. There are many designers who tried breaking this notion. To name a few international designers mentioned below


1) Raf Simons

Check out their products Here.


2)Rick Owens

Checkout their products Here.


3) Post-Imperial

Check out their products Here.


In India:

1) Rohit Bal

Check out their products Here.


2) Manish Arora

Check out their products Here.


3) Brand: Quirk Box

Check out their products Here.


4) Bewakoof

Check out their products Here.



Here is the question how many will really invest in these quirky or game changing clothing (for men), Very few. To validate my point, Indian actor Ranveer Singh known for his high energy and quirky fashion sense, received awards and appreciation for his acting skills each passing year, he even receives a lot of flak for his peculiar fashion choices. How hard is it to accept someone wearing his mind or mood? He has no inhibitions towards/about his physic, masculinity or even his stardom. None of these factors affects his fashion choices. After all fashion is about expressing yourself. In 2015 he courageously wore Muppet pajamas, Sylvester fluffy slippers and a red zebra print night robe to GQ best dressed men 2015. Being a daredevil to sport a skirt for film promotions didn’t make him look less manly.


ranveer singh   ranveer singh

To All The Men Out There:  “Start expressing”

Men really need to start expressing themselves in matter of clothing and try out many brands who willingly offer variety in their product.

Time is changing and so is the industry. Fashion cannot be women oriented business throughout. Menswear can be interesting with more far-reaching approach.Click To Tweet

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